[tlhIngan Hol] How would you express "root of a tree" ?

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 02:56:07 PDT 2019

-- begin quote ---
<Here are some examples of inappropriate posts which will result in
your immediate removal from the list:
* Posts with vulgar, offending language...> (KLI mailing list FAQ, 'ay' 1.2.5)
--- end quote ---

SuStelvaD mu'meyvam nIb DaghItlhqa'pu'. QIn tetlhvam mejlu'; tlhoy 'e'

You've written this for SuStel too. It seems, you have a secret desire
for someone leaving.

> ngaghqangbe'lu'chugh 'InSep QanwI' tuQbe'lu'...

tlhIngan Hol mu'tlhegh 'oHlaw' mu'tlheghvam'e'. 'ej pagh HIvbej. 'ej
naDev, tlhIngan Hol lo'taHvIS vay', Hoch luboplaH mu'meyDaj. chutmey
Dapojbogh Davuvqang'a' ? wa'DIch, chutmey tIchoH, 'ej ghIq jIHeQ.

It seems that this sentence is in klingon, and it certainly doesn't
attack anyone. Also, here, while someone uses klingon, he can write
about anything.

Are you able to respect the rules, which you recite ? First, change
the rules, and *then* I'll change the way I write.

'ej qatlh Qut ? mu'meyvam vItlhobtaHvIS, Qel tlhach mu'mey vItlhob.
muj yajlaw'ghachlIj.

and why is the sentence "vulgar" ? While I was requesting the words
{'InSep, qey'Hav, etc}, I was requesting medical terminology. Its your
understanding which is flawed.

~ hjkhjkjhk

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