[tlhIngan Hol] How would you express "root of a tree" ?

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> nIqolay Q:
> > Why not? The gloss has "root" right in
> > there. Not "root, but only one you can
> > eat". Not "root, but only one from a small
> > plant".
> Initially I thought so too.
> But then we have the {Haw'} which is given as "flee, get out", where one
> can't separate the meaning of "flee", from the "getting out", thus being
> able to use {Haw'} for the getting out of the "simple kind".

I think you're failing to understand that not all definitions which are
comma-separated lists work the same way. Some are restrictive while others
are expansive.

{Haw'} means "get out" in the sense of "flee", rather than the opposite of
"get in". That is, the words "flee" is synonymous with one meaning of "get
out". The list narrows down the meaning.

{ghargh} means "serpent, worm", because Klingons apparently have one word
for creates with elongated shapes without limbs. Both serpents and worms
typically live on or in the ground, but it wouldn't surprise me if eels
were also considered a kind of {ghargh} to Klingons (perhaps {bIQ ghargh}).

{'oQqar} means "root, tuber". This seems to indicate that the word refers
to the underground part of a plant. But like {ghargh}, it wouldn't surprise
me if the edible part of a lotus (i.e., the underwater part) is also
{'oQqar} to Klingons.

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