[tlhIngan Hol] How would you express "root of a tree" ?

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My initial impression was that {‘oQqar} was a food item only, but on re-reading KGT I’ve reconsidered:

(KGT 88f.):  Let us turn, appropriately briefly, from fauna to flora. Any part of any plant that is eaten may be termed {naH}, usually translated "fruit" or "vegetable." Any nut (a fruit with a hard shell) is called a {naHlet} (literally, "hard fruit"), a thistle (a flower with dangerously sharp leaves) is a {naHjej} (literally, "sharp fruit"), a bean (which, in this case, may mean the pod or the seed or seeds in it or both) is a {qurgh}, and a root or tuber is a {'oQqar}. Otherwise there are no known generic names for different types of {naH} (though there are terms for specific plants and parts of a plant). A plant's sap or juice is called {vIychorgh}. The outer covering of a fruit or vegetable ({yub}, "husk, rind, peel") is always consumed, except in the case of the {naHlet yub} ("nut shell").

So {‘oQar} seems to be the general word for root or tuber, some of which are edible:

'anyan 'oQqar                   onion (TNK)
qe'rot 'oQqar                   carrot (TNK)
patat 'oQqarmey            potatoes (TNK)
gharlIq 'oQqar                garlic (TNK)

… just as other parts of plants can be edible or used in cooking:

(KGT 94):  Experienced cooks will {mIQ} (fry) the {DIghna' por} (*digna* leaf), though this is risky, since if the leaf is heated for too long, it will wilt.

(KGT 95):  As already pointed out, any drink made of the liquid that circulates through any part of a plant is {vIychorgh} (juice).

(KGT 96):  If plants or animal parts are dried and, if necessary, chopped up before being steeped in boiling water to produce {Dargh} [tea], this preparation is called {Qenvob}. Often, however, there is no {Qenvob}; the tea is made by simply picking thorns, leaves, petals, or seeds off of a plant and immediately immersing them in the water.

So the list of plant parts seems to be:

bartIq                                 branch (of tree)
ghub                                    bud
naH                                     fruit, vegetable
por                                      leaf (of plant)
Qechjem                            stem,  stalk
Qechjem’a’                        trunk (of tree)
Qenmo'                              pulp (of a plant)
raS'IS                                   seed
SanmIr                                spore
Suntay'                               pollen
vIychorgh                          juice, sap of a plant
‘InSong                               flower
‘oQqar                                root, tuber
‘uma                                   petal

Have I missed any?


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Since {'oQqar} means "root, tuber", does anyone have any ideas on how to express "root of a tree" ?

qatlh <Sor 'oQqar> Dalo'be'?

Or perhaps Sor 'oQqar'a', by analogy with Qechjem/Qechjem'a'.
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