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> (MO to Felix, 3/2015):  Maltz is a devotee of Shex'pir, as he is of other
> traditional Klingon literature.  He said that in the original Klingon
> version of the play, {yulyuS qaySar} was told to beware of the {maS'e'
> So'bogh pagh}, the full moon.  He said he really doesn't know why this was
> changed in the English translation [i.e. to "the Ides of March"], but he
> guessed it may have something to do with how Earth calendars work or used
> to work.  Regarding *{jep}, he said he'd never heard *{jarjep} (or
> *{DISjep} or *{Hoghjep} or the like), but if someone were to say a word
> like that, he'd probably get the gist of what was meant.

jIHvaD QInvam ngeHpu' Marc Okrand. Felix jIHbe'.

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