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Here’s what I have on {Haw’}:

  ghorgh Haw'pu' yaS
   When did the officer flee? TKD
  qatlh Haw'pu' yaS
   Why did the officer flee? TKD
  Haw'pu' yaS 'ar
   How many officers fled? TKD
  chay' Haw'pu' yaS
   How did the officer flee? TKD
[OK, these examples aren’t very helpful.]

  may'meyDajvo' Haw'be' tlhIngan
   A Klingon does not run away from his battles. TKW
   yerchajvo' Haw'
      ngIq nuv luHoH
   The people of Qam-Chee,
      They fled their territory,
       And were killed one by one. (PB)

      DaH bIHaw'laHtaHbe'
      puj 'uSDu'lIj
   Now, Morath,
      You can run no more,
     Your legs are weak.  (PB)
These last three are better.  Okrand translates “run away” with {Haw’} twice, so running or being in a hurry seems part of the meaning, as in someone fleeing for their lives.  For other types of getting out we have:

mej                       leave, depart (v)
tlheD                    depart (v)
qeD                       vacate (v)
DoH                      back away from, back off, get away from (v)
HeD                      retreat, withdraw [military term] (v)
jun                        take evasive action (v)
nargh                   escape (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

From: mayqel qunen'oS
The verb {Haw'} is defined as "flee, get out".
Now read the relevant definitions of "flee", from the marrion-webster.

a : to run away often from danger or evil.
b : to hurry toward a place of security.

And now, I ask..

Does the {Haw'} *have* to always have the sense of "getting out in a hurry" ? Can't I use it, to mean the "simple/relaxed/casual" getting out from a place ?

Because, if the only meaning it can have, is the *getting out in a hurry", then how the frack, do I express the "getting out of" of the simple kind ?

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