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Will Martin willmartin2 at mac.com
Wed Jul 10 04:08:23 PDT 2019

On first glance, it’s like the difference between “many thousands of years ago” vs “many millennia ago”. Either works, though it’s probably more common to state a specific, inaccurate number than to state such a vague one. 

We don’t say, “Lots of hundreds of throats can be cut by a running man,” after all. 

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> On Jul 8, 2019, at 2:44 PM, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> jIH:
> > SaD law'qu' DIS ret..
> On second thought, perhaps this would be better written as:
> {SaD DIS law'qu' ret..}, in order to express the intended meaning of "many thousands years ago".
> I don't know why, but placing the {law'qu'} after the {DIS} feels better.
> I will shut up now.
> ~ hkjgkjj
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