[tlhIngan Hol] Order of adverbials and type-5'ed nouns

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> Let's see...
> *DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jIH** Today I am a warrior. *(TKW, KGT)
> This one has a type 5'd noun after a time element. One could conceivably
> argue that *DaHjaj SuvwI''e'* is meant to be a noun-noun construction, *today's
> warrior,* but I doubt this. Of course, there's no OVS in this sentence.
*-'e'* is sort of an unusual type 5 prefix, since not all words with it
necessarily go before the OVS part. It can be applied to subjects and
objects which would have their usual place in the sentence. In this case, I
think *SuvwI''e'* is more like an object than a distinct syntactic phrase.
(I know, *jIH* isn't really a verb so *SuvwI''e'* isn't really an object,
but in terms of where the nouns go, the pronoun-as-copula arrangement is
very similar to a standard OVS arrangement.) So this would be more of a
"time stamps precede the object" arrangement, which we already knew.

The other examples you found are convincing, though.
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