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Which episode is it in?  I couldn’t find it in my notes but Okrand did discuss the subject once with Lieven at qepHom 2015:

(Lieven, 11/01/2015):  Marc told me the following, said with my own words:  First, a {ghotI'} is a true fish, the animal that children would draw if they hear the word “fish”.  A {bIQDep} covers most animals that live in the sea.  Marc gave as possible examples "dolphins, whales, fish, octopus" but he said it's not used for shrimps or even smaller animals like water bugs.  When asked for a seal, he said that a seal or a sea lion does not really live IN the water, so that's probably not a {bIQDep}.  Every {ghotI'} is a {bIQDep}, but not every {bIQDep} is a {ghotI'}.


From: mayqel qunen'oS
Is the {ghotI''a'} Ca'Non for "whale", or is it just used in dsc, without having ever been canonized by 'oqranD ?
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