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On 7/8/2019 9:59 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> I don’t get {‘e’ vIwIvmo’.} SAO, as I’ve always understood it, 
> consists of two complete sentences linked by the pronoun. The second 
> sentence here is a dependent clause. Maybe this is just informal 
> speech, but it seems ungrammatical, as if this is proper grammar for 
> answering a question, but I’m not sure that’s the case.
> Consider in English the difference between two answers to “Why are you 
> sad?”:
> 1. "Because my nephew just died."
> 2. “My nephew just died.”
> The first version doesn’t add any meaning, and it’s not really 
> grammatically complete. Any answer to a “Why” question is already 
> known to be a reason, so you don’t need to begin it with “Because…”

There is plenty of evidence to show that when TKD speaks of "sentences," 
it really refers to any verbal clause.

/paq'batlh/ has examples of using *'e'* in a dependent clause.

    *qeylIS Qaw’ ‘e’ nIDmeH
         yerDaj weH molor
         ‘ej juH qachDaj meQmoH*

    /Molor did not destroy Kahless//
    //    By burning his house//
    //    Or ravaging his lands./*

    *Hoch qImmoH mu’meyDaj**
    **    ghob ‘ach ‘ej val**
    **    yIntaH ‘e’ luleghmo’ chaH mer*

    All were bemused by his words,
         Wise and full of spirit,
         And astonished to see him alive.

    *le’yo’raj nIHlu’ta’mo’ penoD jatlh qeylIS**
    **    nuHmeyraj tIQorgh**
    **    watlh ‘Iwraj ‘e’ lu’aghmo’ nuHmey jej*

    /About avenging their stolen pride,//
    //    About caring for their weapons,//
    //    For they represent the purity of their blood./

    *jatlh ‘e’ mevDI’ qeylIS, lop**
    **    chaq tugh batlh Heghmo’**
    **    ‘ej chaq tugh charghmo’*

    /After Kahless’s words, they celebrate,
         For they may soon die with honor!
         For they may soon be victorious!/

    *veqlarghvo’ narghbogh loD
         chutDaj bIv ‘e’ ngIlbogh loD
         DaH pongDaj Sov qotar

    /Now Kotar has the name
         Of the one who eluded Fek’lhr,
         And dared to defy his rules.

I'll stop here. There are undoubtedly more.

Now, if you're concerned that the dependent clause is never followed up 
by a main clause, I'd just chalk that up to informal speech, as you suggest.


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