[tlhIngan Hol] placing {-lu'} on {'oH} and {ghaH}

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> There's something, which feels strange seeing/reading the {ghaHlu'}, but I
> can't find what it actually is.

I think this is impossible, because {-lu'} works with the pronominal
prefixes, and pronouns never take prefixes.

(It happens that the third-person subject no object combination is
indicated by the absence of a prefix, but one can think of this as a null
prefix, which is indicated in TKD by "0". What's in front of a pronoun is
more like the places with a dash (—) in the prefix chart, i.e., something
which can't be expressed using the prefix system at all. In fact, TKD says
"— in the chart notes subject-object combinations which cannot be expressed
with the Klingon verb prefix system. For such meanings, suffixes (section
4.2.1) and/or pronouns (section 5.1) must be used.")

You need to write something like {romuluSngan ghaH vay''e'}.

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