[tlhIngan Hol] pseudo-Klingon words from the paq'batlh

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 06:35:07 PDT 2019

Do'Ha', Suyajbe'ba'mo', wa' ngoD potlh vIQIjnISchu'..

Unfortunately you (plural *you*), have misunderstood me..

> That seems like a thing which should be coordinated with the
> members of the Religious Text Translation Project, rather than ask Okrand about:

qaStaHvIS RTTP, jIjeSbe'. jIjeS, not jIjatlhpu'. jIjeS net jalchugh,
vaj king james Sar vImugh. jIHvaD mughlI'ghachvam vItaghpu', 'ej
mughlI'ghach vItaghpu'DI', jIHvaD jatlh naHqun lieven je:
mughlI'ghachlIj ngaSlaH wI'qIy. vaj jIQochbe'pu'. 'ach RTTP

I don't participate in the RTTP, and I've never said, that I would
participate there. If I wanted to participate there, I would translate
the king james version. I've started this translation for myself, and
as soon as I'd started it, naHqun and lieven suggested that I add this
to the wiki, so I agreed. But I couldn't care less about the RTTP.

> What about when someone goes onto the Old Testament? The Qur'an? More Shakespeare?

mu'mey neHbogh poQlaH Hoch vIlle'. DIbDaj.
It's the right of every fan, to request the words which he wants.

> To be blunt, I think there are far more important questions we could be asking.

vuDlIj 'oH 'e' vIvuv; 'ach pIm Hoch nuv vuD.
It's your opinion and I respect that; however all opinions are subjective.

> What about when someone goes onto the Old Testament? The Qur'an? More Shakespeare?

qaSchugh wanI'vam, vaj mu'mey neHbogh poQlaH vay'vam je. mapoQ ghorgh net bot ?

If this happens, then this "someone" can request the words which he
wants. When did someone prohibit that we ask ?

And as long as transliterating goes, I will repeat once more..
I don't care if god almighty, all his angels, all his saints, and
satan with all the demons of hell, speak in klingon.


yapbe' mu'meyvam ? latlh mu'mey vIjatlhnIS je ? pImbogh vay' vIjatlhnIS ?

Isn't this enough ? What more do I have to say ?

'ej muSujqu' ghu'vam; muSujbej.. DIvI' Hol ngutlhmey vItamQo'mo', 'ej
DaqchajDaq tlhIngan ngutlhmey vIlanQo'mo', jIQIj'eghnIS ? chutmey
vIpabqang jIQIj'eghnIS ?

and this is ridiculous; because I refuse to transliterate, I need to
explain myself ? Because I'm willing to follow the rules, I need to
explain myself ?

jIHvaD, Holvam boghojmoHpu' tlhIH'e'; chaq tlhapragh bochenmoHpu',
'ach vabDot qaSchugh wanI'vam, vaj jIHvaD qay'be'. chutmey vIpab
jIHvaD 'e' boghojmoHchu', vaj DaH paQDI'norghraj yIlaj.

*You* (plural "you") have taught me this language, and *you* have
taught me to follow the rules. Perhaps you created a monster. But it's
the way *you* taught me, so deal with it.

DaH ! tughojmoHpu' chaq 'e' bopay, 'ach Do'Ha' paSqu'..

Now, perhaps you regret having taught me to start with, but
unfortunate it's too late..

'ach, HIyajHa'Qo'.. SamuSHa'.. 'ach DIvI' Hol ngutlhmey vItamchoH,
ghe''or vIjaHqangDI'.

however, don't misunderstand me.. I love you all.. but I'll be damned
if I ever start to transliterate.

wejpuH.. Dapvammo' Hoch, mughmeH poHwIj vInatlhpu', vaj DaHjaj
mughlI'ghachwIj vItaHmoHlaHbe'..

great.. because of this nonsense, I've spent all the time I've had to
continue the translation..

~ jhkjhkkjh

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