[tlhIngan Hol] How to enlarge a picture without degrading its' quality

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 02:46:13 PDT 2019


Often you have a picture, which has a small resolution, and you want
to enlarge it. But usually, enlarging it, will cause it to lose the
quality it had. Luckily there is a solution.

In mac osx, open affinity photo app, then open the picture. Select
"document", then from the drop down menu, select "resize document".
Then input the desired size, and at the "resample" select "lanczos 3
(non-separable)". And leave the resample box checked as is.

Trust me, it works as a charm (as americans say), or "it works clock"
(as greeks say).



pIj, mIllogh Daghaj, 'a pupbe' mIlloghvam. mIlloghvam DatInmoH DaneH,
'ach motlh DatInmoHtaHvIS, Sab mIlloghvam DI'onmey. Do', ghu'vam qay'

mac osx Dalo'chugh, affinity photo nIqHom yIchu'. 'ej mIlloghlIj
yIwIv. "document" yIwIv, 'ej nargh 'op DuHmey; "resize document"
yIwIv. ghIq, pixels DaneHbogh tIghItlh, 'ej "resample" DuH DaleghDI',
"lanczos 3 (non-separable)" yIwIv. 'a, resample DuH yIchoHQo'.

HIvoq, Qapchu'; tlheH rur (mu'meyvam jatlh 'amerI'qa'nganpu'), pagh
{Qapchu'; tlhaQ rur} (mu'meyvam jatlh 'elaDya'nganpu').

~ hjkhjkhkhj

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