[tlhIngan Hol] Just a thanks

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 09:45:53 PDT 2019

federation standard version:

Looking at the new words, which were lately revealed, I realized that
some words were requested by me on this list.

goat, breast, cinnamon, underwear, dust, ashes, joint, prostitute.

I have to admit, that it was quite a surprise to see, that someone
added these words to the wish list, since I don't think I'm the most
popular guy here..

To use the words of darth sidious "it was a surprise to be sure but a
welcome one".

And because I may be many kinds of Sa'Hut qung, but ungrateful is not
one of them..

I'd like to say a big thanks to whoever took the time to add these
words to the wish list. I don't know who that person is, but I'm

And of course I'd like to thank 'oqranD too, for granting these words.


tlhIngan Hol Sar:

qen, maHvaD, 'op mu'mey 'otHa' matlh; mu'meyvam vIHaDtaHvIS, tugh
jItlhojchoH.. chabalmeywIj bIHpu' 'op mu'meyvam'e', 'ej mu'meyvam
vIHevmeH naDev jItlhobpu'.

{gha'cher, ngob'at, paSjav, rejghun, Say'qIS, tIpqan, wIlle',
'opuHwI'} je bIH mu'meyvam'e'.

naDev, muparlaw' 'op nuv 'e' vISov. 'a chabal tetlhvaD mu'meyvam
chelta' vay' 'e' vItlhojDI', jIyay'qu'choH.

'ej sidious darth mu'mey vIlo'chugh, vaj jIjatlh: jIyay'bejpu', 'a bel
'oHpu' wanI'vam'e'.


petaQ Sar law' jIHlaw'; 'a pagh tlho' nuv jIHbe'.

meqvammo', mu' {qatlho'} vIjatlhnISqu'; chabal tetlhvaD mu'mey
vIneHpu'bogh chelta' nuv. nuvvamvaD, {qatlho'} vIjatlhnIS. nuvvam pong
vISovbe', 'a tlho'wIj ghajbej nuvvam.

'ej tlho'wIj ghajbej 'oqranD je, mu'mey vineHpu'bogh 'otHa'pu'mo'.

~ hjkhjkkhj

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