[tlhIngan Hol] Is {nuq} inherently singular ?

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Tue Jan 15 12:04:10 PST 2019

Whether singular or plural, {nuq} isn’t a relative pronoun in Klingon, i.e. used for translating “what/which NOUN(s)”.  This is something that often trips up English speakers.  Okrand has discussed this a couple of times:

(KGT 105):  Similarly, if a Klingon wants to know something, he or she may simply demand that the information be given. For example, a common way to say “Which weapon do you want?” is not as a question at all but instead as a command:  {nuH DaneHbogh yIngu'!} (literally, “Identify the weapon that you want!”).

(st.klingon, 12/12/1996):  So what about the "what" (or "which") of your original question ("What/which is your favorite month?")?  When asking someone a question of this type, you are really asking him or her to make a choice.  So just be a Klingon and order them to do so: "Identify the month that you very much prefer!": {jar DamaSqu'bogh yIngu'}

Another example is:

  Daq DaDabbogh yIngu'
  Identify the place where you live! (i.e. Where do you live?) (st.klingon 7/1999):

(st.klingon 7/1999):  Perhaps a translation such as "Identify the place that you live at" or "Identify the place that you inhabit" is more revealing.


From: mayqel qunenoS

If the context was already clear, i.e. we're talking about ships, could we write {nuq DIHIv ?} for "which ships will we attack ?" ?

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