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Klingon word: rom
Part of speech: noun
Definition: accord
Source: TKD

(KGT 172):  Klingon grammarians refer to the rule that governs the use of pronominal prefixes as the rule of {rom} (literally, "accord"). Grammarians of Federation Standard and many Earth languages call the phenomenon agreement. Thus, in the case of Klingon, the prefix used must "agree" with the noun to which it refers; if the object noun is plural, for example, the prefix must be one that is  used with plural objects. Agreeing is not a trait typically associated with Klingon nature, however, and apparently, at least under certain circumstances, this may extend to grammar as well." 

 (KGT 1) :  After years marked by increased cooperation, mutual understanding, and sharing of knowledge, a protracted period of relative amity between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets came to an abrupt end not long ago when the Empire withdrew from the peace treaty known as the Khitomer Accords over an incident regarding war with the Cardassian Union. Ironically, that same war has brought the two governments back together. Though he did so with some trepidation, Klingon Chancellor Gowron recently agreed to once again honor the accords and to engage in joint missions with the Federation." 

(TKW 80):  Within the Klingon Empire, there are no written treaties ... This has caused conflicts from time to time in dealing with the Federation, which prefers documentation.

Vulcan ambassador V'Lar negotiated the first territorial accords between Vulcan and Andoria ca. 2060, before first contact with Earth (ENT "Fallen Hero"). 

It was a violation of the Tau Ceti Accords for Andorians to be on Coridan according to Capt. Sopek of the Ni'Var. [ENT "Shadows of P'Jem"]

mab 		treaty, agreement,  contract,  commitment (n)
rojHom 	truce (n)
rojmab 		peace treaty (n)
qI' 		sign (a treaty) (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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