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> voDchuch – This is a pretty large spider-like thing. It has nine legs
> usually but sometimes seven or eight – never fewer than seven unless the
> bug has been injured. A big spider on Earth would be a {tera' voDchuch},
> but a small spider would not be a {voDchuch}.

{voD} is "bore", {chuch} is "ice", thus "bore-ice" or "Boris".

> 'I' ghew – a bug that sort of resembles a beetle. This is two words.

The name of the star Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice!) is often mistakenly thought
to mean "the armpit of Orion":

> Humlaw' – like a ghargh, but with lots of wiggly legs

"Many humans" = centipede (the party game / team-building exercise where
people form a chain and have to perform a task, like run a race, without
their hands leaving the person in front of them)

> 'obray'wal – This sort of resembles a scorpion; it runs really fast in a
> seemingly haphazard way and has a dangerous (sharp and poisonous) tail.

Walter O'Brien is the main character of the TV series Scorpion.

bIngo'! (I don't know why they do it, but I've heard some Humans yelling
this when they check everything off of a list and I'm just playing along.)

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