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According to my memory, Seqram was DEFINITELY at qep’a’ wa’DIch. He and Qanqor spoke fluently between each other and the rest of us stood there, slack-jawed, occasionally rummaging through our dictionaries when we thought we recognized a word. Occasionally, one of them would say something really simple, very slowly to one of the rest of us, and we’d slowly decipher it, and then want to respond, but didn’t know the words… We’d look them up… It was pathetic.

They really tried to include and encourage us, but we had to go back and learn via the list for another year before being able to hold up our end of a simple conversation.

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> I had heard that Seqram saw Qanqor at the camp and was so impressed that he went back and studied so that a year later he could be the OTHER guy who spoke Klingon. So, where did Seqram get started?
> These things blur in my memory. I *believe* Seqram attended the first qep'a', because I seem to recall that until he missed attending a recent conference he was one of only three people who had been to all of them. Now that distinction belongs to only Qanqor and myself.
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