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Tue Jan 29 09:07:49 PST 2019

On 1/29/2019 11:56 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> Sorry for insisting on this, but grammar terms confuse me; usually,
> I'm better able to understand things through examples.
> So, lets take the initial Ca'NoN sentence..
> {qarDaSQa'Daq ruDelya' rop'a' Hergh qengbogh yo' Dabot}
> Intercept rudellian plague relief convoy to cardassian union
> Suppose we altered/butchered it, by writing:
> {qarDaSQa'Daq Dubot ruDelya' rop'a' Hergh qengbogh yo'}
> In the altered sentence, could the {qarDaSQa'Daq} still refer to the
> {ruDelya' rop'a' Hergh qengbogh yo'} ? That is, could it mean "the
> rudellian plague relief convoy to the cardassian union intercepts you"
> ? Or the only way this could be interpreted is, "the rudellian plague
> relief convoy intercepts you at the cardassian union" ?

It could only be interpreted as the latter. You've "split" the *-Daq* 
noun from its clause and stuck it on another clause.

This is the intended relative clause: *qarDaqQa'Daq ruDelya' rop'a' 
Hergh qengbogh yo'*/fleet which carries Rudellian plague medicine to the 
Cardassian Union./

That clause is a single noun phrase. Think of it as a unit. X = 
*qarDaqQa'Daq ruDelya' rop'a' Hergh qengbogh yo'*.

The main clause is *X Dabot.*

Just put the relative clause X in its place.

If you wanted to say the fleet carrying Rudellian plague medicine to the 
Cardassian Union blocks you, it would be *Dubot X.* You have to put 
/all/ of X where the X appears. You can't split pieces of it to go 
somewhere else in the sentence. *Dubot **qarDaqQa'Daq ruDelya' rop'a' 
Hergh qengbogh yo'*.


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