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>> The klingon word for "socks" is {paSlogh}. Is this word to be treated as
>> being grammatically singular, and is it possible to say "one sock" in
>> klingon ? As far as I know, it is unknown if a singular form exists.
> I relayed your question to Dr. Okrand, who asked Maltz about it. I just
> got his reply: {paSlogh} works like {ngop}.
> --- begin quote ---
> {paSlogh} is an inherently plural noun, grammatically singular.  {tu'mI'}
> the word for one sock.  The usual way to say "pair of socks" is {paSlogh
> chang'eng}; {tu'mI' chang'eng} is odd, but if you said it, you'd be
> understood.
> --- end quote ---

It's a shame "Laugh In" went off the air before Maltz got to Earth. He
would have appreciated its catchphrases on a whole new level.
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