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Klingon Word of the Day for Thursday, January 17, 2019

Klingon word: tlhIq
Part of speech: noun
Definition: stew

(KGT 87):  If, for some reason, the {qagh} cannot be consumed before they all die, the entire mixture of {qagh} and {ghevI'} is saved and later heated up as a sort of stew (the general term for which is {tlhIq}; thus, {qagh tlhIq} may be translated as "qagh stew"). Although not as desirable as live {qagh}, this is a common way to serve leftovers.

(KGT 206)"  {'ep}, which refers to consuming soup or, more accurately, to consuming Klingon {chatlh}, which contains less liquid than the typical Terran soup. (It should be noted that although the Federation Standard verb "slurp" may well apply to how a Klingon consumes {chatlh}, it is not an accurate translation of {'ep}, since it refers to eating and drinking noisily, not to the consumption of soup in particular.)

(KGT 93):  Some dishes are prepared by heating meat in a liquid consisting of the animal's blood along with some choice condiments. To prepare food in this way is to {Qev} it. Livers of *bokrats* are typically prepared in this manner. Though the dish is heated, in order to properly make {boqrat chej Qevlu'pu'bogh} (stewed bokrat liver; literally, "bokrat liver that has been stewed"), the livers should be from an animal that was killed only minutes before. The difference in flavor between fresh and nearly stale livers is most noticeable.

(1)  MO confirmed at qep'a' SochDIch this is a reference to a college roommate of his, "Stu Tlick" [spelling?] (via Holtej).
(2) "thick" (if not a pun, then a useful mnemonic)

chatlh 		soup [thick] (n)
ghevI'  		sauce for qagh (n)
Qev 		stew (v)

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