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Possible pun:  The noun *qol* in Hebrew means "voice", e.g. 1 Kings 19:12 *qol d'mamah daqah*  "still, small voice" or, spelled with a K, *Kol Yisrael*, Israel's public radio service.  As a Klingon verb {chay’ mu’vam qollu’} would mean something like "How is this word voiced?"


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 (By the way #2 – the word for "pronounce" is {qol}. You’d use this, for example, to ask how to pronounce a word: {chay’ mu’vam qollu’?} "How is this word pronounced?"  {qol} refers to articulation; it does not mean "pronounce" in the sense of  "proclaim, declare, decree." )

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