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> More on terminology for the Latin script:
> --- begin quote ---
> As you say, “case,” “lower case,” and “upper case” are not Klingon things,
> so there’s no traditional Klingon jargon for this. Maltz said to just use
> “big” and “small”: {ngutlh tIn}, {ngutlh mach}.  For “ignore case,” perhaps
> {ngutlh Sar buSHa’} “ignore written-character variety” or {potlhbe’ ngutlh
> Sar} “written-character variety isn’t important.”
> --- end quote ---

Just to note that there's a follow-up to this from Maltz suggesting to use
{DI'on} instead of {Sar}. The subject of that thread is "info from Maltz:

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