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Warning: If you haven't seen the Star Trek Discovery episode "The Brightest
Star" (released Dec. 6, 2018), this post possibly contains minor spoilers.

In the Season 1 episode "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum", the species name
"Kelpian" was rendered as *{qelpIya'ngan} in the subtitles. In the recently
released short episode "The Brightest Star" which tells the origin of Saru,
we learn that the name of his species' home planet is actually Kaminar, and
they share a planet with the Ba'ul, who harvest the Kelpians for food. So
both *{ba'ul} and Kelpians are *{qamInarngan}, and it's unclear if
*{qelpIya'} is actually a place name. (Perhaps *{qelpIya'} is a place on
*{qamInar} where the Kelpians come from. Or perhaps the Star Trek Discovery
writers made up the word "Kelpian" without thinking very much about how it
might be parsed.)

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