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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Jan 11 06:01:21 PST 2019

On 1/11/2019 8:19 AM, David Holt wrote:
> Does anyone know of any canon examples of {-moH} being used with a no 
> object prefix?  Or having an English translation that appears to be 
> using an indefinite object (indefinite subject of the main verb)?  Or 
> presenting the main verb in the infinitive in the English translation?

The object of a verb with *-moH* is not always the "subject of the main 
verb." Sometimes the object of a verb with *-moH* would also be the 
object of the verb if it didn't have *-moH.*

To answer your request, yes:

    */may we execute a course (to some place)?/ (TKD)

The agent of the sentence, the entity performing the verb *ghoS,* is 
unspecified. The subject is the causer, the entity that causes the agent 
to perform the verb. I recommend that any sentences with *-moH* be 
analyzed in terms of semantic roles. The subject is always the cause; 
the patient, if there is one, is the direct object; the 
agent/experiencer may be the direct object, or it might be the indirect 
object if there is a patient.

I'm not sure what value an English translation in the infinitive would be.


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