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Wed Jan 9 07:12:31 PST 2019

On 1/9/2019 9:54 AM, Alan Anderson wrote:
>> I mean, who actually gives a crap how the others are doing anyway..
> Don’t confuse “not asking as part of starting a conversation” with “not caring”. There’s nothing wrong with niceties in Klingon if you really mean them.

Right. The idea is that you honor a Klingon by dealing straight with 
them, not beating around the bush, possibly deceiving or manipulating 
them. Klingons appreciate this straightforwardness. Thus, in one example 
when the Terran in /Power Klingon/ successfully concludes a deal by 
being straightforward, the Klingon says *batlh malja' DaHuq,* and in the 
other he says *Ha'! DaH matlhutlh.* The deal concluded, potential 
problems avoided, the participants are now free to engage in 
pleasantries, secure in the knowledge that no one is trying to get one 
over on them. But since they're already waaaaay past the "Hi, nice day, 
can we talk" stage, those aren't things one would have any reason to say.


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