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In all of the script lines, Worf is speaking English, which he speaks
natively, not Klingon. Hence none of them support any thesis about Klingon,
and barely apply to Klingons, given how Worf was raised.

lay'tel SIvten

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> On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 6:08 PM Will Martin <willmartin2 at mac.com> wrote:
>> Remember that Worf told us, “Klingons may be inaccurate, but they are
>> never approximate.”
> *Dochmey law' jatlhpu' wo'rIv. *This information was provided in CK in
> the context of Klingon punctuality and telling hourly time. There, it makes
> sense in the context that if a Klingon tells you they'll meet you at 1500
> hours, they will meet you at 1500 hours, not 1455 or 1505. It makes less
> sense to generalize it to all Klingon behavior all the time. Thanks to this
> collection of Star Trek shooting scripts
> <http://www.st-minutiae.com/resources/scripts/>, I *know* it doesn't
> apply to Klingon behavior all the time:
> TNG: "Timescape"
>> RIKER: How long until our rendezvous with Captain Picard?
>> WORF: *Approximately thirteen hours.*
>> TNG: "Birthright, Part 1"
>> WORF: The foliage is very dense. It will take me *approximately twelve
>> hours* to reach the camp. I will have to travel during the night.
>> TNG: "Homeward"
>> WORF: I am picking up faint life signs *approximately two-hundred meters*
>> from my position. I am heading toward them.
>> TNG: "Firstborn"
>> RIKER: How long would it take us to reach the Kalla system?
>> WORF: *Approximately sixteen hours.*
>> TNG: "A Matter of Time"
>> RIKER: Dimensions, Worf?
>> WORF: *Approximately five meters* in length, sir.
>> TNG: "Rightful Heir"
>> GOWRON: What kind of fools do you have working for you, Picard? The
>> imposter's been aboard for *nearly a day*.
>> DS9: "Children of Time"
>> WORF: There are several settlements scattered across the southern
>> peninsula. I'm reading *approximately eight thousand inhabitants*...
>> they appear to be human.
>> DS9: "Call to Arms"
>> WORF: Weapons ready. The Dominion fleet will be in range in *approximately
>> five minutes*.
>> DS9: "Once More Unto The Breach"
>> MARTOK: I've hated his name for *almost thirty years*. I've dreamt of
>> the moment when I'd finally see him stripped of his rank and title...
> I honestly believe that “Almost a year ago” is vague and adds very little
>> to the sentence. {qaSpu’. Daqaw’a’?} {qaSpu’ ‘ej vIlIjQo’!} The
>> significance is not that it’s almost a year ago. The significance is that
>> it happened, and you have not forgotten it. How will having it be a year
>> ago add meaning to the occurrence when that time threshold occurs? You are
>> assuming a significance to the concept of an anniversary that may be
>> gibberish to a Klingon.
> The existence of the words *DISjaj* and *qoS* suggests otherwise.
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