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On 2/21/2019 2:30 PM, SuStel wrote:
> On 2/21/2019 1:13 PM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
>> Often we talk about "what if.." one day it was allowed to write 
>> klingon using lower case.
>> Some would like that, and others not.
>> Out of curiosity though.. if we *did* write in lower case, how would 
>> we distinguish between the q and Q ?
> You'd have to make a choice. Since *q* sounds much more like a /k/ 
> than *Q* does, I'd turn *q* into /k/ and leave *Q* alone.
Another possibility (not even counting the use of diacritics) would be 
to do with *Q* what Klingon does with *gh, tlh, *and *ch:* add an /h/ 
after the /q./ That way, you're not tempted to make the *q* sound like a 

/Vaj toddujdaj ngehbej Divi'. Nimbus wej wighos; he yinab!
Reh Divi' duj visuv vineh./

/Dopdaq qul yichenmoh qhobdi' ghu'.
Reh suvrup suvwi''a'.
Hagh qohpu' neh heghtahvis suvwi'pu'.
Hivqa' veqlargh./

/Qho'nosdaq paw cha' Divi' beq.
Tlhingan 'avwi' lughom.
Lutlhob, nadevvo' Vas'a'daq majahlah'a'?
Jang 'avwi', lichopbe'chugh ghewmey./

/Tlh: Nuqneh?//
//H: Javmah tat chu'wi' vinehbej.//
//Tlh: Vaghsad deqh hinob! Dah yidil!//
//H: Qay'be'. Titlhap!//
//Tlh: Maj. Ha'! Dah matlhutlh./

/H: Jabwi', Romulus hiq vitlhutlh.//
//Tlh: Jabwi', cha' hivje' tiqem! Tera'ngan motlhbe' soh.//
//H: 'iwlij jachjaj.
Tlh: Reh hivje'lijdaq 'iwghargh datu'jaj./


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