[tlhIngan Hol] gaps in the KLI mailing list archive

De'vID de.vid.jonpin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 19:58:29 PST 2019

I just discovered that messages sent to "
tlhingan-hol at stodi.digitalkingdom.org" (rather than the official "
tlhIngan-Hol at kli.org" address) are not archived.

For whatever reason, when someone replies to this mailing list, the address
is sometimes changed to the digitalkingdom.org one. Entire subthreads are
missing from the KLI archive because subsequent replies sent to this
address also disappear into the memory hole. Based on my investigation, it
seems that this happens to specific people, which suggests that their email
client is (mis)configured to ignore the "Reply-To" address, which is always
set to "tlhIngan-Hol at kli.org" for messages sent from the mailing list. For
whatever reason, some subsequent replies *reset* the address back to "
tlhIngan-Hol at kli.org", which are again archived.

I did a search in my mailbox for the query "
to:tlhingan-hol at stodi.digitalkingdom.org from:me" and I had sent about two
dozen messages to this address. I'm not one of the people whose email
clients ignore the "Reply-To", so all of my unarchived messages are replies
to threads where the email address had already been changed. Unfortunately,
the threads I replied to include (among other things) reconstructions of
the Klingon dialogue from the first two Abrams Star Trek movies, which I
presume people might be interested in being able to find in the archive.

I would recommend to check your email client to see if your replies are
going to the "tlhIngan-Hol at kli.org" address, and to check your outbox to
see if you had been sending messages to "
tlhingan-hol at stodi.digitalkingdom.org" instead. Some of you are sending
your replies *exclusively* to this address, so that you are basically
invisible in the KLI mailing list archive. (I mean, if that's what you
want, that's fine, but I'm guessing this is not your intention.)

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