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An important clarification:

The obvious mismatch at times, between the klingon and the english, is
because I never aim to translate word-for-word between the two
languages; I try to translate in klingon, the actual meaning of the
english sentence. At least, the way I perceive it..

maj !

vaj, DaH, tagh
so, now it starts

quHDaj 'anmoHta'bogh puqloD'e' ghojmeH mIw
the parable of the prodigal son

ben law', cha' puqloDpu' boghmoHpu' vav
once, a father had two sons..

wa' jaj, vavchajvaD jatlh wa':
one day, one of them said to their father;

vav, quHwIj HInob; naDevvo', jItlheD vIneH
father, give me my inheritance; I want to leave

vaj, puqloDDajvaD quH bID nob; 'ej tlheD puqloDvam
so, he gave to his son half of the inheritance, and this son left

yuQ Hopqu'Daq leng, 'ej pa' ghaHtaHvIS, jedivaD HoS'a'
jemlaHbe'wI'pu'vaD quHDaj 'anmoHpu'.
he traveled at distant planets, and being there, he wasted all of his
heritage on jedi and force insensitives

vaj, tagha', chaHvaD toy'wI''a' mojpu', 'ej chaHmo' bech
so, finally, he became to them a slave, suffering at their hands

'a, wa' jaj, qa'Daj HurghchoHmoH HoS'a' Hurgh, 'ej Qubpu':
until one day the Force enlightened him, and he thought:

vavwI' Hegh HovDaq, HoS'a' Dop Hurgh tIv Hoch, vabDot tIv je stormtroopers
at my father's death star, everyone enjoys the dark side of the force,
even the stormtroopers

vaj, jIchegh!
so, I will return!

'ach cheghtaHvIS, logh Hop bejchoHpu' vavDaj, pIHtaHmo'
but while he was returning, his father had already begun to watch the
deep space, because he was expecting him

'ej puqloDDaj Duj leghDi', ghommeH lupDujHom lo'; vaj tagha' ghomchuqqa'
and as soon as he saw his son's ship, in order to meet him, he took a
shuttle; so soon they met again each other

vav, jatlh puqloD..
father, said his son..

jIQaghpu'. HIqeHHa'; HIqeHHa', 'ej *stormtroopers*lI' vIDaqang
I have sinned. forgive me; forgive me and have me even as if one of
your stormtroopers

puqloDDaj jIH 'e' vIqotlhbe'mo'..
because I don't deserve to be your son..

'ach, 'uchta' vavDaj 'ej *stormtroopers*Daj ra':
but his father held him and commanded his stormtroopers:

puqloDwI'vaD, tamghay 'etlh nIvqu' yIqem! 'ej wIquvmoHmeH jedi chIrgh wImeQ!
bring for my son the best lightsaber! and in order to honor him,
prepare to burn the jedi temple !

'ach, qaStaHvIS Hoch wanI'meyvam, latlh yuQvo' cheghpu' latlh puqloD
but while these events were taking place, the other son returned from
another planet

'ej lopvam meq ghojDI' QeHqu'choH, 'ej Hegh Hov 'elQo'
and as soon as he learned the reason of this celebration, he became
angry refusing to enter the death star

vaj, SIbI', ghaHDaq jaH vavDaj
so, immediately at him came his father

'ej jatlhchoH puqloD
and his son begun to speak

vav.. qaStaHvIS yInwIj Hoch, nItebHa' mataH
father, all my life I've been with you

'ej qaStaHvIS yInwIj Hoch, sith joH vImojmeH jIqeqtaH
and always I have trained in order to become a sith lord

'a not choquvmoHpu'! loQ matIvmeH IIH juppu'wI' je, wa' jedi lupDujHom
ram wIQaw'nIS, 'a 'e' chaw'Qo'!
but you never honored me! in order to have some fun with my friends,
we wanted to destroy an insignificant jedi shuttle, but you refused to
allow it..

'ej DaH, cheghta'mo' latlh puqloDlI', jedivaD HoS'a'
jemlaHbe'wI'pu'vaD quHDaj bID 'anmoHta'bogh puqloD'e', 'ej ghaHvaD
jedi chIrgh meQqang ?
and now, because your other son has returned, a son who has wasted
half of your inheritance on jedi and force insensitives, for him
you're willing to burn the jedi temple ?

puqloDoy, jatlh vav..
my dear son, said the father..

qaStaHvIS yInwIj Hoch chotlhejtaH
always you are with me..

DochmeylIj bIH Hoch Dochmey'e' vIghajbogh, vabDot SoHvaD Hegh Hov vInobqang
all that I have is yours, including the death star

'ach. HoS'a' Dop wovmo' Heghpu' loDnI'lI', 'ej HoS'a' Dop Hurghmo' DaH yInqa'
but because of the light side of the force your brother was lost, and
now he's found

vaj, yIchol; 'ej nItebHa' malopjaj, meQtaHvIS jedi chIrgh
so come, and lets celebrate together, while the jedi temple burns

'ach, Hegh Hov 'eltaHQo' loDnI' qan
but the elder brother still refused to enter the death star

..ghojmeH mIwvam Delta' darth vader, 'ej ghIq ghojwI'pu'DajvaD jatlh:
yajlaHchugh nuv vaj yajjaj.
..this parable said darth vader, and then said to his disciples: let
him who have understanding understand..

~ mayqel *ghaytan, QInvammo' ghe''orDaq jImeQ* qunen'oS

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