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Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, December 27, 2019

Klingon word: qoS
Part of speech: noun
Definition: birthday

tugh Dor qoSlIj. nom yIlop! 
(MO's FaceBook text to Lieven, 3/29/12)

ngajmo' jajvam, nom bIlopnIS.  qoSlIj yItIv! 
(MO > Lieven regarding Daylight Savings Time, 3/29/2015)

wejHu' qoSlIj Dalopta', qar'a'?  vaj DaHjaj qamer. qoslIj yItIvqa'! [sic] 
(MO's FaceBook text to Andre, 2/11/2014) 

  In what turned out to be an alternate reality, Riker remarks that Worf seems extremely tense, considering he just returned from a vacation at the bat'leth tournament on Forcas III.  Worf replies that today was his birthday. They reach Worf’s quarters, but Worf is hesitant to enter and cautiously looks around. Riker asks what's wrong and Worf replies that he's afraid someone might have set up a surprise party for him.  Back in reality, Troi presents him with a gift and says that Riker wanted to throw him a surprise party but she talked him out of it, for which Worf is grateful. Troi says that she knows Klingons like to be alone on their birthday, "You probably want to meditate or hit yourself with a painstik, or something." As she is about to leave, Worf asks her to join him for dinner. (TNG "Parallels")

yatlh 		be pregnant (v)
bogh 		be born (v)
lop 		celebrate (v)
SIQ 		endure (v)

DISjaj 		anniversary (n)
lop 		celebration (n)
lopno' 		party, celebration (n)
yupma' 		festival (n)
'uQ'a' 		banquet, feast (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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