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Klingon word: tlha'
Part of speech: verb
Definition: chase, follow

I chase you. (KLS)

qIrq wItlha'taHqu' 
Where Kirk goes, we follow.  (ST5)

ngem Sarghmey tlha'laH 
be able to chase forest *sarks*  (IDIOM) (KGT)

[Used to indicate that one is capable of following anyone or anything--that is, that one is capable of understanding even the most complex of discussions or of solving the most intricate of problems (cf. KGT 111)]

nuch ghaH moratlh'e'
   quvHa' moratlh 'ej jeylu'pu'
   'etlhDaj tlha'
Morath the coward
   Jumped after his sword,
   Dishonored and defeated.  (PB)

qeylIS He tlha'meH
   qamchIy veng ghoSlI' qotar
   pa' jubbe'wI'vam HoH 'e' nab
Following the trail of Kahless,
   Kotar heads for the city of Qam-Chee,
   Where he plans to kill this mortal.  (PB)

tlheDDI' quvmoHmeH
   veng HeHDaq lutlha'
   SaD law' nuvpu'
Thousands followed him 
   To the edge of the city, 
   To bid him farewell.  (PB)


  Tumek asks Worf, "Have you ever pursued a Klingon woman?" (DS9 "Looking For par'Mach In All the Wrong Places") 

  Grilka asks Quark, "Why do you pursue me?" (DS9 "Looking For par'Mach In All the Wrong Places")

  "Klingons do not pursue 'relationships'; we conquer that which we desire." (Worf to Data, TNG "In Theory")

wam 		hunt (v)
ghoch 		track, track down (v)
nung 		precede (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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