[tlhIngan Hol] placing an emphatic {-'e'} on {nuq}

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> We have the {nuq}, which is a question word.
> And we have the type-5 noun suffix {-'e'}..
> However, the {nuq} *can* take an {-'e'}, in cases like:
> {vIghro' tIQ 'oH nuq'e' ?}
> Now, lets forget all this..
> .. And lets imagine a classic moment of family happiness:
> There's the son, who demands more and more money, so the father being bled
> dry, eventually shouts at his son:
> "What more do you want from me ? What ???"
> As far as the second "what" is concerned, could it take an emphatic {-'e'}
> ?

I believe that's how the Klingon subtitles for this scene from The Notebook
were translated when it was played on Qo'noS:

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