[tlhIngan Hol] adjectives acting on nouns joined by je'

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Tue Dec 10 06:54:01 PST 2019

HoS law'qu' luch law'qu' je lo' Duj nuH pat Hub pat je
A huge amount of the ship's power and technology is devoted to its
weapons grid and defensive systems. (SP3)
N.B.  {HoS law'qu' luch law'qu' je}

lenglIj lutebjaj lengwIjvaD bel rap, Sov rap, ngoQ rap je Danobpu'bogh
May your journey be filled with the same joy, wisdom, and purpose you
have given mine. (Frasier)
N.B. {bel rap, Sov rap, ngoQ rap je}

Quj wa'DIch juH qachmey mebpa'mey je qa' raQmey chu' monmey chu' je
Custom OUTPOSTS and CAPITALS replace original Houses and Hotels. (MKE)

N.B. {raQmey chu' monmey chu' je}

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

From: mayqel qunen'oS
We can say:
   {potlh paqmey DuSaQmey je'}
   books and schools are important

But can we say the following too ?
   {paqmey DuSaQmey je potlh}
   important books and schools

Or do we necessarily need to say the following ?
   {paqmey potlh DuSaQmey potlh je}
   important books and important schools

Perhaps it may seem as a rather simple question, but there's something seemingly strange, to seeing an adjective not following directly the noun, to which it acts as an adjective.
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