[tlhIngan Hol] can we apply {ngagh} to humans ?

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> ok, I see..
> But {ngagh} aside..
> In english, do you use the verb "to mate" for humans ?

In Star Trek, "mate" is used to refer to what Klingons do with each other
several times throughout the different series. We hear things like "mating
ritual", "she was my mate" and "we have mated"

And Okrand continues it in Power Klingon with things like "Of course the
most universal coming of age ceremony in any part of the Galaxy, is the
mating ritual", "These signs are unambiguous, and they derive from the
hasty mating that took place during battle", "If you *are* interested in
reciprocating, or wish to initiate mating proceedings".

Klingons mate. Humans mate too. They might label it "making love", "having
sex", "shagging", "doing it", "making the beast with two backs" or
something else to try to differentiate it from what the rest of the
biological world does, but it's still mating.

Or is it primarily used for animals ?

Humans and Klingons *are *animals.

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