[tlhIngan Hol] can we apply {ngagh} to humans ?

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> ok, I see..
> But {ngagh} aside..
> In english, do you use the verb "to mate" for humans ?
> Or is it primarily used for animals ?

I'd say "to mate" is mostly used for animals. You can use it in reference
to people, but to me, it sounds either detached and clinical (as if you
were referring to people as some sort of livestock or wildlife), goofy (as
if you wanted to use a stronger word than "sex" but wouldn't let yourself
go for the f-word), or insulting (as if you wanted to refer to someone's
sex partner as a beast of some kind).

In Klingon, from the example of {yIH ngaghwI'}, it seems that you can use
{ngagh} to refer to people, but it probably has more vulgar overtones than
{nga'chuq}. (For instance, you might use it in the chorus of {Sumqu'} by
{vI' jav jav 'uj 'abbogh Hut'Inmey'e'}: {qangagh vIneH, Ha'DIbaH vIrur
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