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JamS Jo'iS not bIlaD!

Am So., 15. Dez. 2019 um 14:07 Uhr schrieb mayqel qunen'oS <
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> fse:
> Reading parts of tolkien lotr, I can't find the words to describe my
> amazement, of the skill that tolkien had.
> His talent is beyond words.. Reading the things he wrote, and the way he
> described them, brings tear to the eyes..
> I can't believe, and I won't believe, that in all human history, anyone
> could/can/will ever be able to even compare to him.
> tlh:
> tolkien lotr 'ay'mey vIlaDtaHvIS, Hol lo'meH laHDajmo', jIyay'choHchu'.
> 'ej wanI'vam vItlhchu'ghach vIDellaHbe', vabDot mura'meH vay', jatlhchugh:
> mayqel, yay'chu'ghachlIj yIDel !
> tolkien laH'a' DellaH pagh.. lutmeyDaj vIlaDtaHvIS, 'ej DelmeH laHDaj HoS
> vItlhojtaHvIS, tlhoS jISaQchoH.
> qaStaHvIS Human qun Hoch (pa'logh qun, poHvam qun, tuch qun je), tolkien
> laH chIwlaH vay'; DaH 'e' vIHarQo'. not mu'meyvam vIHarqang.
> paghlogh !
> ~ mayqel qunen'oS
> no long slow sleep of death embalbed
> we will burn like the heathen kings before..
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