[tlhIngan Hol] double {-'e'}s in be sentences

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Dec 13 06:45:48 PST 2019

On 12/13/2019 9:22 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> While I don’t disagree with anything in this discussion, for myself, 
> if I wanted to emphasize the Romulans, I’d just say {jaghpu’ chaH 
> RomuluSnganpu’’e’}.
> Why is, “As for the enemies, they are the ROMULANS,” preferable to 
> “The Romulans are our enemies.” It’s more straightforward. Saying it 
> the other way is kinda fancy-assed for Klingon. Language and culture 
> are related.

Because the final noun of a pronoun copula is the topic of the sentence, 
what the sentence is all about. If you were in a situation where you 
were beset by enemies and thought they were Vulcans, and you told your 
comrade to use the Vulcan-only-killing poison he's carrying, your 
comrade might say **romuluSnganpu' chaH jaghpu''e'.** The topic of your 
sentence is the enemies, not Romulans. You're taking the topic of your 
sentence and identifying them. *Those enemies surrounding us? Lemme tell 
you what they are...*

Now, this beset-by-enemies situation is exactly one of those where 
adding focus to the first noun makes perfect sense: **romuluSnganpu''e' 
chaH jaghpu''e'** *As for the enemies, they are ROMULANS (not something 
else, like Vulcans).* Again, I'm not saying this is necessarily allowed 
or disallowed, just that it would be something like this that would give 
this constructions its purpose.

This has nothing to do with being fancy.


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