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> > That’s a compelling interpretation, and {manotlhchoH je maH} actually
> seems to make more sense as a referent for {'e'} than the other previously
> mentioned candidates.
> Having said all that, I rewatched the scene just now, and the way the
> lines were delivered does seem to suggest that {'e'} didn’t necessarily
> refer to Azetbur’s previous sentence.

Having watched the scene many times, I don't believe the way the {'e'
neHbe' vavoy} line was delivered could indicate anything other than that
Azetbur was reacting to the {QamvIS Hegh...} line. Remember, the writers
don't know Klingon, and they have no idea about what {'e'} could refer to
or how sentences-as-objects work with {neH}. Okrand didn't write the lines,
he translated them, and the English shooting script doesn't suggest
anything other than Azetbur reacting to something said to her.

I think it's overthinking things to try to analyse whether something
strange is going on with {'e'}. The concept for that scene was that someone
proclaimed "Better to die on our feet!" to Azetbur, who reacted by saying
"That's not what my father wanted!" The "that" in the English script most
obviously refers to "dying on our feet". That it was translated as {'e'}
with {neH} is just a product of circumstance.

Also, I misquoted a line as {ghu' Dayajbe'law'} which should have been
> {ghu'maj Dayajbe'law'}. And misattributed the {QamvIS Hegh} line to Chang.
> And also, the {'a} before {tugh manotlhchoH je maH} isn’t particularly
> clear, and may not have actually been there at all.
> I suppose there aren’t shooting scripts floating out there somewhere with
> the actual intended lines written down, otherwise we wouldn’t have to
> resort to playing scenes and trying to hear what the actors were trying to
> say through what they were actually saying…

There is, however, the novelisation, which is based on the writers' notes,
and describes Azetbur's thought process in that scene.

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