[tlhIngan Hol] tu'lu' prefix with countable nouns

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Mon Dec 9 06:14:10 PST 2019

First, lets take a walk down memory lane..

Recently, lieven revealed, that okrand revealed, that maltz had revealed..

*** revelation start ***

Regarding the problem we recently had with {'ar}, Okrand answered:

Plural if the questioned noun can be singular or plural (it lacks a
plural suffix) and the translation is “how many?”; singular if the
questioned noun is something that can’t be counted and the translation
is “how much?” So {Duj ’ar DIlegh?} “How many ships do we see?” {bIQ ’ar
wIlegh?} “How much water do we see?

*** revelation end ***

So, here comes the question..

I want to say: "how many ships are there ?"

Do I say {Duj 'ar tu'lu' ?} ?

Or do I say {Duj 'ar lutu'lu'} ?

Does the new insight on {'ar}, "outweight" the "pedantic" flavor of the
{lutu'lu'} ?

Or is our beloved {tu'lu'} too tough a nut to crack, even for the newly
revealed {'ar} knowledge, thus being able to survive it ?

~ bara'qa'
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