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Klingon word: roghmoH
Part of speech: verb
Definition: cause to ferment

(KGT 91f): Almost as common as food that has been soaked in a marinade is food that has been set aside to {rogh} (ferment). It is important to distinguish {rogh} from {ragh} (decay). Food that has decayed ({raghpu'bogh Soj}, or more succinctly, {Soj non} - "rotten food") is food that has become inedible and must be thrown away, though it is sometimes given to animals. To ferment food is to {roghmoH} (literally, "cause to ferment"). Fermented meat is also known as {qeyvaq Ha'DIbaH} (Kayvak's food), named, for now forgotten reasons, after a famous ancient warrior. As with hunter's and emperor's food, the specific meat is used rather than the word {Ha'DIbaH} (meat), as in {qeyvaq lIngta'} (Kayvak's *lingta*). The Kayvak naming style does not apply to fermented plants; its use is restricted to meat.

(KGT 92):  One way to bring fermentation about is to mix the food with a fungus (known as {'atlhqam}) usually scraped off the bottom of certain animals' feet, though it also grows on trees. The fermentation process is monitored so that the food is served at just the right time, even though the process is actually still going on (the verb meaning serve fermented food at its peak is {wech})... Finally, the way to prepare a common dish called {qompogh} is to mash ({tap}) a mixture of various types of {naH} (fruit, vegetable), with or without some animal matter, into a rather lumpy paste and then to let it {rogh} (ferment).

(KGT 93f):  It is also not unusual to {HaH} (marinate) or {roghmoH} (ferment) various sorts of {naH} (fruit, vegetable).

(KGT 97):  A square or rectangular tub used to hold food while it is fermenting is called a {'Ib} 

non 		be rotten (v)
ngIm 		be putrid (v)
tlhorgh 		be pungent (v)
 wIb 		be sour (v)
jIy 		be umami, savory, earthy (v)
Huy 		be spicy, piquant, hot (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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