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You didn’t find it because a *shooy* is just a phonetic rendering of {Suy’}, an imaginary Klingon animal.

SuStel wrote:
> I would guess so. Sooey is traditionally what you say to call a pig.
> https://www.dictionary.com/browse/sooey?r=75&src=ref&ch=dic
“Sooey!” is how you summon a pig in English.  According to the above site it may be a variant of “sow”.


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ok, thanks.
But what is the "shooy", which was given as the definition of {Suy'} ?
Because I m-w'ed it, and didn't get any results..
Is it just how we would call in fse, the animal klingons call {Suy'} ?

~ bnbnbnn
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