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I don’t have that gloss in my notes; it’s probably confused with {ja'} “report, tell” (also translated “speak of “ in paq’batlh).


From: SuStel
On 8/15/2019 11:00 AM, Klingon Word of the Day wrote:

Klingon word: jatlh

Part of speech: verb

Definition: say, tell, speak

Source: ADD

Does jatlh ever really get glossed with tell? The original TKD had say and speak in translations, but only say in the Klingon–English word list and only speak in the English–Klingon word list. jatlh is repeated in both the Addendum word lists with say but not speak. ja' is tell (and report).

I consider the distinction significant, because saying and speaking mean using language verbally while telling and reporting mean imparting information.

Unless there is a further gloss not listed, this entry should be corrected.
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