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mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 03:51:17 PDT 2019

So, I meet a friend of mine who says: "michael, I met a woman who has
the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen".

And me, wanting to ask "seriously ? what color are they ?", I don't
have a way to ask because "klingons don't have a word for color".

Or I can say something like "how are they dyed/stained/tinted" ?

But the jay' problem is, that I'm not asking if she wears make-up..


I can understand certain rules, which could be argued that they give
character to the language. No {-Daq} on non-physical
objects/locations, no type-7 after the {'e'} in a sao, no {-lu'} and
{-laH} together.

And I can swallow these rules, because there are ways to work around them.

But it pisses me off, when:

A constructed language has achieved the incredibly difficult, which is
"being able to understand each other while talking about almost
everything", but at the same time tying our hands on things which
should be straightforward and simple.

It's *exactly* like having a million dollar ferrari, which goes 0-100
km in under 3'', is perfect in every way, but it doesn't have a

And when you complain about it, someone says "What's the problem ? Use
a helicopter to pick it up, and put it into the parking spot".

I don't know what would be more irritating.. The lack of the reverse
gear, the helicopter argument, or someone expecting you to actually
believe it.

~ cbcbbcbbb

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