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> De'vID:
> > But also, we're missing something
> About what ?

I think De'vID is referring to the fact that KGT claims Klingon has no noun
for "color", and yet we've got one. It's an issue he's mentioned before.

My hypothesis: In the years since KGT was published, appreciation for
Klingon art has increased among off-worlders, who wish to discuss art with
the Klingon artists. However, Klingon artists have found that a lot of
off-worlders, especially artists, use a noun for "color". To facilitate
communication about the arts, Klingon artists have started using a noun for
"color": *qalmuS*. Maybe it was an archaic word that was brought back into
use, like the verb *tlhogh*. Or maybe it was originally an esoteric
scientific word having to do with photon energies or something. Maybe it's
a borrowing from another language. Only Maltz knows for sure.
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