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Klingon Word of the Day for Thursday, August 22, 2019

Klingon word: muH
Part of speech: verb
Definition: execute, put to death

wa' SuvwI' muHlu'DI', tuHchoH Hoch SuvwI'pu' 
The execution of but one warrior brings shame to all. TKW

vImuHlu' net wuqHa'!
My death sentence was commuted! (ENT "Affliction")

... and there's this from the paq'batlh:

molor luSuvmeH
    muHmeychaj Suq
    'e' tlhob qeylIS
[translation unavailable] (PB)

Evidence of a homophonous noun {muH} "execution" ?

(TKW 136):  To be executed as a prisoner is to die dishonorably …

(TKW 83):   the story seems to have something to do with a warrior who is about to be executed and asks for permission to go off alone, unguarded, in order to salute the stars a final time. Sometimes the warrior is said to have wanted to “say farewell” to the stars. ... The request was granted, since, even in ancient times, it was known that a warrior keeps his word. Thus, “You salute the stars” means “I trust you” or “I know you will honor your word”.

  "As is well known, it is considered the duty of officers on Klingon ships to assassinate their immediate superior if the higher-ranking officer has been judged unfit to serve, perhaps as a consequence of neglecting his or her duty, demonstrating cowardice, or behaving dishonorably. This practice extends even to the captain of the ship." (KGT 50f)

  When a Klingon landing party returned from an unnamed planet after being infected with a lethal silicon-based virus, their captain destroyed their shuttlecraft in orbit rather than let them board and infect the mother ship. (ENT “Observer Effect”)

  "You're fortunate your First Officer didn't kill you for such a failure."  (Prosecutor Orak to Archer, ENT "Judgment")

  "You'll find there are many rules and regulations.  They will be posted.  Violation of the smallest of them will be punished by death." (Kor, TOS "Errand of Mercy") 

"Should one Klingon soldier be killed, a thousand Organians will die.  I will have order."  (Kor, TOS "Errand of Mercy")

AYELBORNE:  What are you going to do with him, Commander?
KOR:                What is always done with spies and saboteurs. He will be killed, after 
	           he has had first-hand experience of our mind scanner. [TOS "Errand of Mercy"]

  "What is your present form of execution?"  (Spock to Romulan Commander, TOS "The Enterprise Incident")

MUDD: 	 Do you know what the penalty for fraud is on Deneb 5?
SPOCK:   Guilty party has his choice.  Death by electrocution, death by gas, 
                 death by phaser, death by hanging...
MUDD:   The key word in your entire peroration, Mr. Spock, was... d-d-d-DEATH. 
                  Barbarians! Well, of course I... left.  [TOS, "I, Mudd"]

  Execution is forbidden in Starfleet; the only death penalty still on the books is for violation of General Order 7, i.e. contact with planet Talos IV. (TOS "The Menagerie, Pt. 1-2) 

  Spock, McCoy and Scott were illegally sentenced to summary execution by "Captain Kirk" (i.e. Dr. Janice Lester) in 2269. (TOS "Turnabout Intruder")

chot 		murder (v)
HoH 		kill (v)
Hegh 		die (v)
HeghmoH 	"be fatal" (v)

HoH 		killing (n)
Hegh 		death (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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