[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: mev

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Wed Aug 21 08:29:46 PDT 2019

Klingon word: mev
Part of speech: verb
Definition: stop, cease

I stop. KLS

Do not do that! (pet command) PK

SSS... mev!  ba'! 
Do not do that!  Sit! (pet command) PK

yImev, yap!
Stop!  It is enough!  KGT

not mev peghmey 
Secrets never cease. (secrecy proverb) PK

jIvIb.  qaSDI’ vatlh DIS poH cha’maH Hut, jImev. 
I time-travel to the 29th century. (lit. “I time-travel into the future. When 
  Century 29 happens, I stop.”) (qep'a' 2016)

jIvIbHa’.  wejHu’ jImev.
I time-travel three days into the past. (qep'a' 2016)

bIjatlh 'e' yImev 
Shut up! (Stop speaking!) PK

bIleS 'e' yImev 
Stop relaxing! Stop resting! PK

bIyev 'e' yImev 
Stop breaking! Stop pausing! PK

bIDum 'e' yImev 
Stop napping! PK

bIjatlh 'e' yImev.  yItlhutlh! 
Stop talking! Drink! TKW

Sop 'e' mev 
Stop eating! PK

mamevQo'.  maSuvtaH.  ma'ov. 
Battling on through the Eternal fight. (Anthem)

jatlh 'e' mevDI' qeylIS, lop 
After Kahless's words, they celebrate PB

jatlh 'e' mevDI' nuvpu' mejmoH ghaH ratlh be'nalDaj luqara' neH. 
After his last words, all were sent away, but his wife Lukara. PB 

(KGT 113: in re {mevyap}:  No doubt in the past, the locution was longer, perhaps {yImev, yap!} ("Stop! It is enough!")  Actually, {yImev!} ("Stop!") is the imperative form if the command is given to an individual; to tell a group to stop, one would say {pemev!}" 

(KGT 154):  {mevmoH} "cause [someone] to stop" -- (compare {mev}, "[someone] stops") 

bup 		quit (v)
baq 		terminate, discontinue (v)
yev 		pause, take a break (v)
Qo'  		No!  I won't (do it)!  I refuse!  I disagree! (excl)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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