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On Tue, 20 Aug 2019 at 14:36, Daniel Dadap <daniel at dadap.net> wrote:

> > On Aug 20, 2019, at 07:25, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > only five minutes ago, I saw the cat ?
> > or
> > just five minutes ago, I saw the cat ?
> > or
> > both ?
> What’s the difference between those two, in English?
> My instinct would be to render the phrase as {vagh tup neH ret}, as you
> have, but I could also see it being {vagh tup ret neH}, since {ret} is a
> noun and it’s possible that the {neH} should bind to the time expression as
> a whole, but I do think it makes more sense for it to bind to the duration
> itself.

I think it should be {vagh tup ret neH}, though that's just my intuition.
My justification is that {tup ret} "binds together" quite strongly, and
acts as if it were a single word, like {Hu'}.

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