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> De'vID:
> > Only if they're literally being hunted.
> Sorry for the silly question, but do you mean "hunted for food" ?

No. You know how some authoritarian governments go door-to-door to look for
people to imprison/kill? It's not for food, but it's still hunting.

> If one is literally being hunted, i.e. someone persecutes him with the
> purpose of catching him and killing him, e.g. for racial reasons, then
> {wam} is ok ?

If it's literally someone physically tracking someone down to capture (or
kill) them, then it falls within the literal meaning. If someone is just
being bullied or persecuted, but not being physically chased down, then
it's a metaphorical use of "hunt", and we don't know if Klingons have the
same metaphor. Klingons, for example, seem to value prey (or even food)
that fights back. Prey may be expected to pose some kind of challenge.
Referring to the persecution of someone who is much weaker than you, or
powerless, as "hunting" might be considered inaccurate or offensive. We
don't know.

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