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Klingon Word of the Day for Thursday, August 08, 2019

Klingon word: Daq
Part of speech: noun
Definition: site

Daq SovlaHbe'taH qIrq 
Kirk cannot know the location. ST6

Sum Daqmeyvam tera'ngan 
These places are nearby, Terran. CK

Daqvam nuq 
What is this place? CK

ghe''orDaq luSpet 'oH DaqlIj'e' 
You belong in a black hole in the Netherworld! PK

DaqwIj vISovbe' 
I am lost ("I do not know my location.") PK

Daq DaDabbogh yIngu' 
Identify the place where you live. (i.e. Where do you live?) (st.k 7/99)

Daqvam vIDab 
I live at this place. (st.k 7/99)

ghe'naQ Daqvo' QInvam wIlab. 
We will place a homing device transmitting this message at the site of the opera. ('U'-MTK)

Daq HopHa’Daq qa’chaj nejlI’ qotar Qempa’QeH je 
Not far away, Kotar and his Qempa'keh, Are in search for their souls. PB 

Daq SumHa'vo' wab Huj Qoylu'
   qa' bIQ Dujvo' qab Qoylu'
Strange sounds come from afar,
   It is the barge of the Dead
(PB, paq'raD, Canto 1, Stanza 5) 

tlhIngan juHqo'Daq tlhIng yoSDaq 'oH toQDuj chenmoHlu'meH Daq wa'DIch'e' 
1st Construction Site: The Kling District, Klingon Home World. KBoP

toSwI' qal'aqraj 'oHbe' Daqvam'e'. 
This is not your playground. (DSC "Battle At the Binary Stars" [non-canon])

(st.klingon 6/1997):  We know that {Daq} "place" is a noun; we know that {Qong} is a verb (sleep); we don't know that {Qong} (presumably "sleep" or "sleeping") is a noun. Maybe it is -- but until we see it as a noun in its own right (that is, in a place in a sentence where nouns occur and in a construction where it's not attached to {Daq}) will we know for sure ... a word like {QongDaq} is evidence that at an earlier stage in the language, there may have been a noun {Qong} (meaning sleep or something similar). Or maybe there was a verb suffix {-Daq} meaning "place where one does X". On the other hand, you may have uncovered evidence that there is currently a noun {Qong} -- it just hasn't been attested anywhere else yet, so we should keep our eyes peeled. But without further evidence, it's a guess.

chenmoHlu'meH Daq 	construction site 
DIDaq 			debris field (DSC)
nuqDaq 		where?
QongDaq 		bed 
SaqDaq 		landing site

naw'wat 		remote, small, desolate place (n)
Quv 			coordinates (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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