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Behold the truth of all that I have spoken, and how thou art banished
unjustly. But if the heart of Feanor is yet free and bold as were his words
in Tirion, then I will aid him, and bring him far from this narrow land.
For am I not a Vala also ? Yea, and more than those who sit in pride in
Valimar; and I have ever been a friend to the Noldor, most skilled and most
valiant of the people of Arda.


jIjatlhpu', 'ej mu'meywIj vIt yItlhoj. nIghImpu' 'ej nIghImtaHvIS nIQIH.
pa'logh, tlhabpu' feanor tIq 'ej Qob bamvIpbe'pu'; *tirion*Daq jatlhtaHvIS
feanor, mu'meyDaj rur tIqDaj. choHpu'be'chugh ngoDvam, vaj vIQaH, ghaHvaD
Sepvam langvo' vIghoSmoH, 'ej vIHopmoH. *vala* jIHbe''a' je ? HIja'.
*valimar* luDab *valar* chaHbogh 'op'e', 'ej Hem. 'ach vala jIHqu'.
*noldor*pu' yoHqu' law' Hoch *arda* nuvpu' yoHqu' puS. 'ej reH
*noldor*pu'vaD jup jIHpu'.



Reading the "for am I not a Vala also ?" gives me goosebumps. It's fracking


{nIghImtaHvIS nIQIH} for "thou art banished unjustly".

I know that someone can say: by describing it this way, it can be
perceived, that while he was being exiled, he was being wronged for some
other reason irrelevant to the "his being exiled".

But I disagree. I believe that context makes it clear that "by being exiled
he was wronged".

If I say "while I was insulting you, I was disrespectful", then what will
you understand ? That I was disrespecting you for a different reason,
irrelevant to my insulting you ?

Unless of course, if while someone reads klingon, his IQ diminishes by 50
points or something..

Of course, I could always write {nIghImpu'mo' nIQIHpu'}, but I think that
this lacks the "fluid" feel of the original.

Or as ghItlhjaj had written quite sometime ago, I could use {Da}:

{nIghImtaHvIS QIHwI'pu' Da}
{nIghImpu'mo' QIHwI'pu' Da }

But I get a different feeling from "they behaved as people who wronged
you", compared to the "they wronged you".

Alternatively, klingon could have an adverbializer as it has a nominalizer..

But oops ! Excuse me, I forgot.. Because klingon is perfect, it doesn't
need to concern itself with such trivia..

Why would such a perfect language, such a work of art, such a revelation of
none other that qeylIS himself, need to care for things so many other
languages already have ?

Sorry for forgetting. My bad..


{ghaHvaD Sepvam langvo' vIghoSmoH}

I wondered whether we can have a noun with a {-vo'} being the object of the
verb which follows it.

But since we know, that a noun with {-Daq} *can* be an object, and since
the {-Daq} is a type-5, I thought, "why not ?"

Of course, I could have written too:

{Sepvam langvo' vImejmoH} with the {vI-} referring to the unstated "him".

Or I could have written: {ghaHvaD Sepvam lang vImejmoH}

And qeylIS knows I could have just written: {vImejmoH}

But I like more the {ghaHvaD Sepvam langvo' vIghoSmoH}


{*noldor*pu' yoHqu' law' Hoch *arda* nuvpu' yoHqu' puS}

I put the {-qu'} in {yoH}, because a little bird told me, that in paq'batlh
we have the following:

{SoH rallaw' law' Hoch rallaw' puS}

Of course, I could have just written:

{*noldor*pu' yoH law' Hoch *arda* nuvpu' yoH puS}

But reading m-w, I understood "valiant" as describing someone who is more
brave, than "just brave", so I thought that shoving a {-qu'} would be
called for.

Also, as far as the {Hoch *arda* nuvpu'} of {*noldor*pu' yoHqu' law' Hoch
*arda* nuvpu' yoHqu' puS} is concerned..

I distinctively remember having seen a Ca'Non law'/puS sentence where the
{Hoch} was similarly part of a noun phrase, and not just on its own. Sadly,
I don't remember that sentence..

However, I *could* have written it as:

{*arda* nuvpu''e' *noldor*pu' yoHqu' law' Hoch yoHqu' puS}

But I didn't.


{*valar* chaHbogh 'op, 'ej Hem. 'ach vala jIHqu'} for "(being a vala) more
than those who sit in pride in valimar"

I *could* have said this in a "classic" law'/puS  construction:

{valar'e' jIH Dun law' valimar valar Dun puS}

But I feel that by saying chaH/jIHqu', expresses more the "feeling" of
"they are valar but I AM vala".

And after all, lets be honest..

Who actually reads the klingon that is being written here anyway ?

I would bet real money, that if I started a message with klingon, three
sentences later it changed to bingon, and three sentences before the end it
became klingon again, noone would ever notice.

Perhaps, *that's* why in tkd it says: "most klingons will never know the

Yea.. that must be it..

~ qnqnqnn
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